CD Allquestions AQ-LE 02

First of all, take any idea of wearing headphones out of the equation: the best - the ONLY - way to penetrate this work is to let its powerful frequency stream fill your listening space. Walk around the room, like you were a visitor of the installation; the distant sexual sighs - taken from Duncan's erotic videos - and the distorted and elongated Japanese phrases pronounced by John himself, almost akin to a mechanical sound, will also constitute a basic element in the timbral aspect of "Stun shelter". All this contributes to that body/mind function vacancy that seems to be one of the constant results of both Duncan and Von Hausswolff's long history of experiments. After listening several times I consider this work as a sort of reflection by the authors, as if they wanted to put a summary of their vision together, opening a door for many people who were left way back years ago and are now willing to deepen their knowledge of John and Carl Michael's art. The music of "Stun shelter" will be a pleasant reminder for the ones who were there of more than a new path to follow; that said, the quality of this release remains well high in the "too-easy-to-enter" area of trance/drone music linked with video and psychoacoustic phenomena.
Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes