10 January - 09 March
ICONS drawings included in Our Lady of the Flowers at Galeria Nicodim, Bucharest
Curated by Patrick Kelleycooper
Our Lady of the Flowers is an exhibition of works on paper that elevates the darker impulses of the artist to the status of Sainthood—the most celebrated, yet often miserable of conditions. Our central protagonist is Ciprian Muresan's Leap into the Void, after Three Seconds, 2004, which follows Yves Klein's iconic, optimistic, and terrifying photo to its expected, though presumably unwanted conclusion. While Klein looks to the sky expecting, hoping, wishing to fly, Muresan's figure is crumpled and broken on the street, defeated if not dead. Still, though, there is hope! If we cannot fly with the angels, why not worship those who have fallen to the streets, and construct a divine kingdom in the gutter? As Jean Genet crafted his own heaven from solitary confinement, the artists in this show transform the base desires of humanity into relics worthy of altars. Through bits of paper in the confinement of tiny studios, John Duncan navigates his own blood into his most worshipped Icons; Ecaterina Vrana uses her high-heeled shoes as deadly weapons to threaten her garden into thriving; Jorge Peris transforms creatures of the deep sea into objects of ethereal sexuality; Aaron Gilbert's delicate etching becomes a Waterbed on which flesh presses onto flesh, moving in harmony with unseen, undercover waves of passion. There is a divinity on the scraps of paper slipped into prison cells—this is the freedom afforded by the affordability of desperation. -- Ben Lee Ritchie Handler

21 February
Solo concert
included in There Is a Storm: Copy That at Antwerp Art Pavilion, Hanzestedenplaats 15 Antwerp
Curated by Fre De Vos

26 April
Solo concert
Tinnitus festival
Richter, Moscow
Support: Purba, Cisfinitum
Produced by Eugene Voronovsky

28 April
Live podcast
Produced by Eugene Voronovsky

29 April 13:40 - 16:40
Master Class
Highschool of economics: sound design, Moscow
Produced by Eugene Voronovsky

29 April 19:00 - 22:00
Master Class
British High School of Design, Moscow
Produced by Eugene Voronovsky

23-31 May
EMS Stockholm

31 May
Solo concert
Fylkingen, Stockholm
Curated by Joachim Nordwall