HUNGRY consists of insistent drones and articulated with massive use of shortwave radio (a passion of John's) and voices in 'actions of disturbance'; everything seems to reminiscent of a vital, organic pulse. The piece is covered with moments of wild Morse code, explosions or voice, then... silence. YOIKA resumes the violence after a few minutes of peace with a bombardment of bass radio frequencies, mixed into a sound between a huge motor and distorted guitar! Never a dull moment, not even when a reverberating halo resembles slow breathing. BRUTAL BIRTHDAY, with CV Massage, offers long echoing notes on an insistent percussive base that seems like a type of air-hammer. The feedback goes non-stop!

-- Massimo Ricci, DEEP LISTENINGS (number 9, Spring/Summer 1997)

This is incredible, like nothing else you'll ever hear...this record must be heard!

Paul Lemos, OP Magazine