Two track John Duncan solo shortwave album available on Bandcamp

Listening to John Duncan’s latest release, “Soundtrack for an Incandescent Departure”, is really a “release”. At first it sounds like sensory overload, dense, super textured pressure sounds. But as time goes on it becomes incredibly trance like. Not dance “trance”, but more akin to the original meaning of the word. I’ve heard recordings before of old shamanic ceremonies with dense layers of repeating basic instruments, like the flute and the rattle, etc., but the sounds he uses here all seem to be derived from the West, and from today’s time. This music is incessant and intoxicating and sounds like it takes the basic root essence of an ancient ritual sound into a new way for us in the West to do it today, and apply it to now. I look forward to a time when I can be by myself and play this on repeat in a tiny little space with my head covered, rocking back and forth, trailing along hidden streams of sounds and shaking myself into a new and better condition. — Bryan Lewis Saunders

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