The Shape of Minds to Come

27 April — 14 May 2023

Video recorded at The Lab, San Francisco

John Duncan

Scot Jenerik

Schneider TM

Chandra Shulka

27 April – Ende Tymes 13, Brooklyn

29 April – Rhizome, Washington DC

02 May – Solar Culture Center, Tucson

06 May – 2220, Los Angeles with Ulrich Krieger

07 May – The Lab, San Francisco with Thomas Dimusio

12 May – The Old Church, Portland

13 May – Teatro de la Psychomachia, Seattle

14 May – Red Gate, Vancouver with Caroline Sophia and Giorgio Magnanensi

In the interest of helping scratch other people’s hard to reach areas, I wanted to draw your attention to a tour that is coming at the end of April, and over the first few weeks of May. The Shape of Minds to Come is not your average experimental tour, and if you live in Brooklyn NY, Washington DC, Tucson AZ, LA, Portland OR, Vancourver BC or Seattle WA, you will get an opportunity to see this incredible stage show. Rather than trot out a wide range of artists to perform back to back to back to back (as you would see at many experimental shows), The Shape of Minds to Come is presenting an opportunity for attendees to be a part of a unique sound experience, by four artists who would each be worth seeing in and of themselves.

John Duncan (from Italy), Schneider TM (from Germany), Scot Jenerik (from the West Coast) and Chandra Shula (from the East Coast) will be performing together, creating a soundscape journey that will be both thought provoking and meditative. No one knows what to expect from each show, the performers included, and while there will be solo moments within the performance by each artist… there is no telling what this kind of show, with these kinds of artists, at these kinds of venues, will get up to. Each of them brings something completely different to the musical table, and yet, each of them works with audio soundscapes that tell wordless stories through audio and through your presence at the show, taking in the experience. If you are the kind of person who is going to shows AND enjoys something different, this will be a night you won’t want to miss. Under other circumstances, I might try to catch a few of these. Hopefully you have the opportunity to at least see one. You won’t regret it. 

— Austin Rich

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