faust live with Dirk Dresselhaus and John Duncan

Sunday 10 July, 2022 23:00 at Lars Open-Air Rock Festival, Chiusi, Siena

Uwe Bastiansen, Zappi Diermaier, Elke Drapatz, Dirk Dresselhaus, John Duncan, and Zsolt Sőrés improvise on the tracks from faust’s Daumenbruch LP released by Erototox Decodings.


Left to Right: Zsolt Sőrés on viola and working a table full of vibrating dildoes, Uwe Bastiansen on keyboards and guitar, Elke Drapatz on synth, Zappi Diermaier on drums, Dirk Dresselhaus on electric bass, John Duncan on metal percussion objects suspended from a construction ladder, being played with a carpenter’s saw.
John Duncan on The Grate, played with broken pickaxe handles
Dirk Dresselhaus on bass, John Duncan on The Ring with carpenter’s saws
Zappi Diermaier
Elke Drapatz
Zsolt Sőrés

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