2014 LUFF Festival, Lausanne

Bryan Lewis Saunders & John Duncan
Performed at LUFF: Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival 2014
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Produced by Thibault Walter
Assisted by Haïlé-Yesus Ritter, Veronika Chekodanova, Nikola Mounoud
Lighting by Samuel Carroz
Sound engineering by Serge Carrupt

A torture device based on the Apollo Chair used by Iranian secret police SAVAK is set, with the victim (Saunders) strapped to it, his head inside a metal bucket to amplify his screams to his own ears, on top of a 1000W subwoofer mounted onstage. He attempts to recite the Rules of the Geneva Convention from memory as Duncan powers oscillator frequencies through the subwoofer and touches a 5 million Volt taser to both Saunders’ exposed skin and the metal chair he’s strapped to. The event ends when the victim, shaking in uncontrolled tremors, stops reciting to scream and is carried offstage.

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