1997 SCD 024
Track included on 5x CD Tulpas.
Released on Selektion.

“Unlikely to manage in a few lines a description of the luxurious five-CD tulpas box (Selektion), more than to say ‘booklet containing reworkings of selected pages from repetorio of RLW (Ralf Wehowski) , historical German electroacoustic investigator already active in 1980 with the group and P16.D4, recently the subject of unexpected attentions (participation in Upgrade & Afterlife by Gastr del Sol, the third place of Pullover in Japanese indie charts behind Coldcut and Bjork). about fifty artists of similar sensitivity were asked to rework his original compositions, giving way to personal enjoyment and diverse hermeneutical methods and interventions, with a definite penchant for minimalist stripping and microtonal fading processes (some participants really in great shape: John Duncan, Jim O’Rourke, Giancarlo Toniutti …) and few concessions to the brutista fascination (the noise of the sacrificial jap contingent: Merzbow, Aube, Kimihide Kusafuka. ..). Design, packaging and content worthy of applause.
– Nicola Catalano, RUMORI (Number 70, November 1997)

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