John Duncan’s SEE is a video installation made up of four separate and simultaneous projections of sequences taken from the John See series, adult movies he directed in 1986-87 during his stay in Japan. On entering the dark exhibition space, the viewer is assailed by immense flashes of images and sound cut-ups… In those moments in which the sound is softer, a voice emerges, whispering Japanese phrases until it is drowned once again by the wave of louder sounds.
–Daniela Cascella

Simultaneous video projections on four walls. Images and audio from the John See adult video series surround the viewer, as a voice gives suggestions in Japanese. SEE works with the elements of chaos and order, silence and sound. The video material is projected on multiple screens by random selection. The pictures and the output of the sound constantly combine together into new collages.
— Elke Moltrecht

Art - Installations