An acid, distorted, tough, dissonante… roaring disc. Massive use of FM waves and recorded voices unified in sounds with extremely low frequencies. The dimensions of the subconscious become stimulated as different specific elements and all converge to determine a panorama of chilling self-awareness. Surely some record sellers have inserted John Duncan into the ‘industrial’ section after having heard this CD… all you can say is that, some sections seem as if you’re on an airport runway! Upsetting.

— Massimo Ricci, DEEP LISTENINGS

Harsh, highly processed machine-like stuff which, like the better industrial music, maintains a fine balance between interesting sounds and ideas, and impact. The disc opens with rapidly looped sawing sounds which grate against what sounds like the crackling engine of a dragster. This provides a constant overlay for machine-like buzzes and hums, high frequencies like those heard on short wave radios, and background voice collage. Other sections have extended periods of deep rumblings under long, weaving, semi-pleasant metallic drones, periods of soldiers chanting behind recitation, lots of clicking and crackling, and droning feedback mixed with deep grumbling and high whistles. While some periods of relative sedateness occur, don’t plan on relaxing. And don’t plan on suffering at unbridled expressions of anger. Again, it’s a fine balance.

— Tom Grove, i / e

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