1995 Streamline 1005
John Duncan solo CD released on Streamline.


Recorded by Duncan in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Aachen and Mei Tam Village, Thailand.
INCOMING, CEREMONY and PASS composed with Christoph Heeman.

Here we’re at the maximum level imaginable. The hand of Heemann is not excessive, and enhances Duncan’s compositional style. A more meditative and relaxing disc, always with a pulsating energy. Long resonant breathing, slow descending washes of echo, subliminal sounds, ‘dark’ sounds. The elements of Duncan’s music are always the same but diversely dispersed in the audio panorama. Exceptionally beautiful are ‘Flare’ and ‘Voice Field’. This is true trance! A complete masterwork, too bad that it lasts only 40 minutes. Unforgettable… and still available: don’t let it get away!
— Massimo Ricci, DEEP LISTENINGS

Shortly after the release of SEND, a new CD by one of the most interesting composers working in what some call ‘extreme’ or ‘industrial’ music. Duncan works primarily with shortwave sounds intermixed with field recordings. This concept is continued on this new CD. Take for instance the piece with radio sounds (layered shortwave) that slowly transform into the screaming of a dying pig. Duncan’s music is not there to please you, but to tell you a rather unsettling story. This is some of the most intense music I have come across.
— Frans de Waard, VITAL

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