an anthology of noise & electronic music #6

2010 SR290 2CD digipack + 52 page booklet. The sixth volume of seven published
from 2001 to 2011, curated, noted and edited by Guy Marc Hinant.

So here is the 6th and penultimate installment in our series.
As usual, it culls old historical pieces, little-known gems, and even a few previously unreleased tracks from the greatest Japanoise bands, a few representatives of the younger generations (from all around the world), some rare tracks from the ’80s, and it all ends with a lull that lets transpire what may be felt as a kind of undefinable mystery.

The Avant-Garde – the possibility of a new music (think about it). Then it scattered into small communities whose best-known protagonists are totally unknown to people outside that particular circle. We are facing this fragmentation, and one form of avant-garde (you could say) ends up scattered into several (not exclusively musical) forms. It is not in Avant-Garde’s nature to create one elementary form for each individual. Other phrases used include “forays,” “breakthroughs,” “pushing the envelope,” and then of course “going too far”…

The Sub Rosa compilations are dotted with a who’s who of the electro-acoustic avant-garde from the past century, tossed in with a smorgasborg of previously unknown (and often very interesting) artists as well as contemporary musicians who are well on their way to establishing themselves within the canons of the institutional avant-garde. Sub Rosa has gone out of its way to compile a collection to scramble one’s notions of the taxonomic rhetoric that may influence the perception of any of the artists present… (Aquarius)