16 – 27 June, 2000
Main stairway and upper floor
Villa Venier
Sommacampagna, Verona
Curated by Alessandro d’Ambrosi

Stereo sound coming from behind the locked doors of two separate rooms at the top of the villa’s main stairway (one channel per room): a couple whispering, laughing, shouting, having long, slow, repeated sex, with a mixed-shortwave drone in the background, playing back loud enough to echo through the area and be heard from the base of the stairs, encouraging visitors to defy the ‘ACCESS DENIED’ sign on the staircase steps and go up to hear better. Which of course they did.

A modified version was adapted to Vita Kuben in the opera house of Umeå, Sweden in 2002, curated by Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred.

Art - Installations